Offer your children a truly Experiential Learning adventure!

This hands-on water-themed scenario will help you offer your children days of exciting Cross-Curricular Learning that will support their holistic balanced development.

  • 5x all-day learning experiences - with easy-to-follow guidelines, lists of materials and resources, health & safety considerations, follow-up suggestions, and detailed learning outcomes

  • no structured teaching sessions needed - all learning experiences will support your children in Self-Directed Learning

  • easy to offer - you can use local resources and materials

  • aligned with the British EYFS, and all-curriculum friendly

  • can be used indoors or outdoors - suitable for all climates

Scenario Theme - Water

Children absolutely love water! They intuitively sense its deeply relaxing properties and its unlimited creative potential.

My Water Lab! - Theme-Based Scenario by Natural Born Leaders

When you offer your children water to play with, some of them will immerse their hands in it up to their elbows, and others will love to splash around. Some will want to see the immediate result of their creation, and others will calmly observe how it flows and drips. Or try to mix it with other substances to see what is possible!

Using water will always support your children's holistic growth, and it will greatly facilitate:

  • PERSONALISED LEARNING - water will give your children a chance to discover their most preferred ways of expressing themselves.

  • MULTI-SENSORY LEARNING & EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING - water provides a deeply immersive multi-sensory environment that will relax your children, soothe their senses, and support their energy release more than any other tool available.

  • CROSS-CURRICULAR LEARNING  - water will give your children a rich context to observe the laws of nature as they experiment, try things out, test, and creatively work with water and its properties.

  • CREATIVE EXPERIMENTS & HANDS-ON PROJECTS - water is always a truly hands-on learning context that will allow your children to easily see the immediate result and impact of their work.

Use water on a daily basis to provide nurturing play & learning environments for your children. See how water positively affects their behaviour, their emotions, their understanding of the world, and their creative expression!


Together with 'My Water Lab!' scenario you'll get a unique guide on "How to Create Immersive Theme-Based Hands-On Learning Contexts" - completely free of charge!

My Water Lab! - Experiential Learning Scenario by Natural Born Leaders

What's inside:

Our scenario pack includes everything you need to create immersive learning contexts for your children.

  • 5x reusable scenarios with easy-to-follow instructions

  • guidelines how to create immersive learning environments

  • lists of resources and materials to use

  • follow-up suggestions to take your children's learning further

  • detailed lists of learning take-aways

My Water Lab! - Experiential Learning Scenario by Natural Born Leaders

What You'll Get:

(all materials are downloadable)

  • 1

    MY WATER LAB! - Theme-Based Experiential Learning Scenario

    • Pedagogy Instructions & Learning Outcomes

    • Day One - Tubes and Cups

    • Day Two - What Sinks, What Floats

    • Day Three - Paint & Wash

    • Day Four - Ocean in a Bottle

    • Day Five - The Power of Water

    • Copyright Note

  • 2

    FREE Bonus

    • Creating Immersive Experiential Learning Contexts - How to Guide

    • Written Safety Plan for Child Care Providers

All activities in this scenario are repeatable and fully reusable!

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Benefits of Experiential Learning

My Water Lab! scenario is based on the most effective educational approach - Active Experiential Learning. It supports children's holistic development, and accelerates learning processes.

The best thing about implementing Active Experiential Learning is that it completely changes the way your children learn:

  • you offer immersive and exciting learning environments that are in line with how children naturally learn
  • your planning is put on autopilot so you can focus on children and be with them as an active participant
  • you can easily cover cross-curricular learning outcomes
  • you address your children's individual learning needs and preferences, and open the door to Personalised Learning
  • you support your children's core Life Skills and their holistic development

World Class Educators use Active Experiential Learning as their primary method of working with children. 

This powerful educational approach is quickly becoming recognised as one of the most effective ways to offer Future-Oriented Education. 

Our scenario has been designed to help you use this powerful approach with ease. 

My Water Lab!

This FIVE-DAY SCENARIO will help you offer truly Holistic Learning and cover your cross-curricular goals.

About Natural Born Leaders

Magdalena Matulewicz & Witold Matulewicz

  • Experienced Teacher Trainers, Curriculum Developers and Course Designers
  • UK-certified Assessors-Evaluators in Children's Care Learning Development and Play (CCLD and School Playwork)
  • Early Years Professional Status Assessors (EYPS) - responsible for assessing the quality of Early Years and Early Childhood provisions in the UK and training Early Years Professionals
  • World Schooling Parents

We specialise in:

  • Positive Pedagogy
  • Active Experiential Learning
  • Child-Led Play
  • Self-Directed Learning
  • Personalised Education
  • Multi-Sensory Learning
  • Cross-Curricular Education
  • Multicultural Learning
  • Entrepreneurial Education and Multilingualism

We have worked hands-on with hundreds of children of all ages all over the world, taught at universities and colleges (Kingston University, Canterbury Christ Church University, The Tribal Education Group, The JGA Group), managed our own schools and early years provision in the UK, designed curricula and teaching resources for international educational institutions.

Within over 25 years of professional experience, we have:

  • delivered high quality teacher training sessions
  • recruited passionate teachers and childcare practitioners
  • organized empowering workshops
  • spoke at international conferences and summits
  • hosted support groups for parents and worked with them to plan personalised learning journeys for their children.

Natural Born Leaders at GESS Dubai 2019Witold Matulewicz, Vice-President of Natural Born Leaders, speaking at GESS Dubai 2019

We have authored numerous educational publications on Early Childhood Education and Positive Parenting. We have co-created two mobile applications for children promoting early literacy and cultural heritage of Poland.

We're approved by the European Commission to evaluate educational initiatives and projects funded by the EU. We've collaborated on various international educational projects with clients from the USA, Australia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, China and South East Asia. 

In private life we're world schooling parents (for over 14 years now) adopting the Active Experiential Learning and Natural Learning approaches to facilitate our own children's learning and development.

We're passionate about sharing the benefits of Personalised Learning. We believe every child is a Natural Born Leader who, when adequately supported and nurtured, will share their talents with the world and empower, inspire, guide and lead others to do the same.

My Water Lab!

Our scenario will help you provide nurturing play & learning environments for your children, every day!